Christine Pike

Christine Pike

Christine Pike lived on the Island until 2007, when she re-located to Norfolk. Having originally trained as a restorer so that she could repair antique dolls, her interest eventually led her to the wonderful world of contemporary bear making. She quickly gained a reputation for innovation, being one of the first British artists to create bears with sculpted faces. Typical features of her bears are very large feet with accented claws, heavy pellet-filled bodies and limbs with delicate facial features. In 1996 she created a unique range of bears with open mouths and sculpted teeth, called the RealBears, and these have become her signature. She works from photos to achieve a look that is true to nature but is also friendly and mischievous. She has recently discovered the art of making miniatures and added the tiniest member to the RealBear clan, who is only 4 high.

Christine has won many awards over the years and writes a regular column for Teddy Bear Review, called Bear Essentials, which offers tips and advice to novice bear-makers. Her work changes all the time and she prefers to make one-of-a-kind pieces and very small editions. She also makes modern and vintage-style bears in several sizes. Only the best quality mohairs and English hand-cast glass eyes are used and each bear is made from start to finish entirely by Christine. No two are ever exactly the same due to the high level of sculpting employed. If you enjoy whimsy coupled with strong design values and quality workmanship then these bears are for you!

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Cassie - Christine Pike

14" bear - One of a Kind Cassie - Christine Pike
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11" One of a Kind - Sculpted face Clement
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