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Award-winning artist Suzi James began designing and creating bears in 1984 and now sells her bears world-wide. She has always loved bears and also has a passion for antique textiles. She moved to the New Forest a few years ago and enjoys early morning walks through the forest each day. She is constantly moved by the energy of the trees and all the nature surrounding her, inspiring her vision. Feeling the faeries tending to the flower buds and dancing in the heather amongst the trees, their antics empower her creations. When she returns home she sketches them onto paper before designing and creating them. Because of the influence of the forest on her designs and that of the spiritual world in all aspects of her life, each little creation is connected to the healing properties of the forest in some way; be it the protective energy from the Oak tree or the prosperity associated with blackberries and the various crystals some bears carry. These bears hope to spread natures message that Mother Earth can help heal us with her gifts.

Every Thursday Suzi travels from the peace and tranquillity of the forest to the hustle and bustle of London, where she can be found trading from her stall at Covent Garden Apple Market. Each new collection of her bears is dedicated to a particular animal charity, with a percentage of each sale going towards it. She hopes every little soul that she creates will help our Animal Kingdom in some way - she strives to help protect our animals from the abuse and torture many suffer. Her soul wont rest until they are free to roam as they should.

Susie James has also designed for Charlie Bears - Maisie, Jacob & Lou Lou were a few of her designs in their 2007 collections.

Not all our artist bears are on the website. There are many more artist bears available for adoption in store. If you can make a visit, we would be more than pleased to introduce you.



11" One of a Kind Betha
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18" - One of a Kind Bryn
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12" One of a Kind Callum
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Callum - by SuziBears

11" - One of a Kind Callum - by SuziBears
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10" One of a Kind Ellette
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Lavender - by SuziBears

12" - One of a Kind Lavender - by SuziBears
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Little Acorn

8" - One of a Kind Little Acorn
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Sherwood - by SuziBears

8" - One of a Kind Sherwood - by SuziBears
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