Dean's Bears

Dean's Bears

Deans is the oldest teddy bear company int he UK! They offer something for everyone, with both traditional mohair designs and contemporary artist creations by some of the most popular designers in the UK. Many of the editions are extremely limited, so theyre unlikely to be in circulation for very long.

Dean's recently launched a range of limited edition mini bears by the name of Cider Apple Bears, inspired by their home county of Herefordshire's most famous export, cider!

Following on from this, they also launched the even smaller limited edition Apple Pips! Each one is named after a variety of English apples, measures just 10cm and is made from 100% mohair or alpaca.

In 2013, Deans introduced a brand new range of finest acrylic bears, all designed, made and finished with the same love and care that is evident in the mohair range - These are the "Distinctly Deans" bears. Each one is softly bean-filled making them cutely poseable and soft to handle. They are limited to 200 bears in each edition.

All of the Deans bears are fully jointed exclusive designs, hand finished to an exacting degree and have distinctive characteristics of their very own!