Limited Edition: 1500 pieces, worldwide.
EAN 134169. Novelty 2014.

Once upon a time ... When night is falling and Grandpa Teddy bear sits in front of the fireplace with his big book of fairy tales in his hand, his mind often wanders. How often he has heard these wise, time-honoured tales - and how often he has told them himself. The mohair bear with the soft, shaggy fur looks calm and dignified through his wire-framed spectacles. He wears a beige linen waistcoat - matching his soles - with old gold-coloured buttons, while the bobble from his nightcap falls gently on his shoulder. Like the stately Teddy bear himself, it conjures up images of days long gone. We listen spellbound until we finally hear the old, familiar words: "And they all lived happily ever after".

Safety eyes and a gold-plated "Button in Ear".

37cm, 5-way jointed, mohair, surface washable.

Limited Edition Steiff Box and Certificate.

RRP 249.99