Limited Edition: 1500 pieces, worldwide.
EAN 034510. Novelty 2014.

The most famous Steiff Harlequin bear (a mid-1920's design in red, yellow, and blue), sold at a famous auction house in 2010 for more than 55,000 Euros. Following the path of her famous cousin comes the new Harlequin design for 2014. This delightful miniature features a contemporary colour palette of green and pale pink tones, chosen to reflect current fashion trends. Around her neck she wears a pale blue ruff. Atop her head sits a turquoise-coloured, brushed satin jester's cap accented by two antiqued brass bells. While she is not yet as well-known as her counterpart from the 1920's, we're confident our new little Harlequin will capture a place in your heart.

Harlequin has safety eyes and a gold-plated "Button in Ear".

10cm, fully jointed, mohair, surface washable.

Limited Edition Steiff Box and Certificate.

RRP 79.99